Weather in South Tyrol

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The weather on Monday, 24.06.2019

Min.: 14°C
Max.: 30°C

High pressure conditions.

Sunny weather with some harmless cumuliform clouds in the afternoon.

Top temperatures between 27° and 34°.

The weather on Tuesday, 25.06.2019

Min.: 16°C
Max.: 32°C

High pressure, stable conditions.

Local low stratus clouds will dissolve quickly, then very sunny in the whole region.

Maximum temperatures from 29° and 35°.

The weather in the mountains on Monday, 24.06.2019

High pressure conditions.

Temperature at 2.000m: 18°C
Temperature at 3.000m: 9°C
0° at altitude: 4400m

The weather in the mountains on Tuesday, 25.06.2019

High pressure, stable conditions.

Temperature at 2.000m: 20°C
Temperature at 3.000m: 11°C
0° at altitude: 4700m

Weather forecast in South Tyrol


Min.: 14°C
Max.: 37°C


Min.: 14°C
Max.: 39°C


Min.: 14°C
Max.: 38°C


Min.: 14°C
Max.: 37°C

Map of South Tyrol on Monday, 24.06.2019

Map of South Tyrol on Tuesday, 25.06.2019